Stan van Tricht: “The Olympia’s Tour stage wins motivates me for 2020”

Belgium's Stan van Tricht, joined the Academy in early-August as he locked a trainee spot in the team for the last part of the 2019 season. The talented rider who was part of the national Belgian squad in the Tour de l'Avenir and the U23 World Championships looks back to a solid year. "2019 was the year where I was able to compete in some of the hardest races in the category. I learned a lot about preparing for races like Giro valle d'Aosta and Tour de l'Avenir and I was able to…continue reading →

Get to know … Wessel Krul

Wessel Krul joined the Academy in August after our management was in contact with him for quite some time. The talented Dutchman, whose talent was discovered by his grandad, powered to second in the U23 Dutch TT Nationals, and made the next step in his cycling development. How and when did you start cycling?I started cycling about 7 years ago. My mother had a bike which she didn’t use for a while. So I went for a spin with my father and I really enjoyed it. My granddad noticed I had some ‘talent’.…continue reading →

Evans signs with Wanty – Groupe Gobert

We are very happy to announce that our Alex Evans, will move up to the professional ranks as he will join Wanty - Groupe Gober on a two-year deal. This way the talented Australian rider will become our sixth graduate of the 2019 class. "I am thrilled to be joining one of the best Pro Continental teams in the circuit and I look forward to racing to the best of my ability with them for the next two seasons" points out the 21-year old. Evans, who joined the Academy ahead of the 2019…continue reading →

Burger looks ahead to 2020 with high-ambitions

In late-February, as the team training camp in Loutraki was coming to an end, Sven Burger suffered a long-lasting injury that kept him off the bike and the racing scheme for a long time. However, the strong-minded Dutchman did not give up and made it back on the bike for the U23 Dutch Nationals in late-June. "When looking back at 2019, I'm a bit disappointed about my season. Despite I came back quite strong after my knee injury, I felt like I never really reached my top shape and I wasn't able to…continue reading →

Get to know … Milan Paulus

Milan Paulus takes us back to his early days in cycling. After starting in the football pitch, Paulus decided to follow the footsteps of his parents, who both were really into the sport, Paulus jumped on a bike felt in love with it instantly. How and when did you start cycling? Seven years ago, I was introduced to cycling by my dad and mum.  At that time I was a soccer player, but sometimes I went along with the club of cyclists my dad rode in on Sunday mornings. Also, my mum rode…continue reading →

Meeus: “I became a better and more complete rider”

After joining the Academy halfway 2017 as a trainee, Jordi Meeus has been improving as a bike rider year in year out. The 21-year old Belgian completed yet another solid in which he took 12 Top 10 and was highlighted by his win in GP Tombroek. "I look back to a good 2019. I learned a lot and became a more complete rider. Everyone involved with the team works really hard to get the Academy to a higher level, and that allow us (the riders) to develop more and more. I wanted to…continue reading →

Get to know … Corbin Strong

All the way from New Zealand, today we get to know the story of Corbin Strong. The future Academy talent took up cycling following the footsteps of his father and his older brother. Just one week after he had the required age to train in his local track, he was in the velodrome cycling as fast as he could. Get to know Corbin Strong, a name that you will hear repeatedly in the coming years. How and when did you start cycling?I started Cycling in 2010 when I was 10 years old. My…continue reading →

Get to know … Marco Frigo

Cycling was not the first choice for the current U23 Italian Road Race Champion, Marco Frigo. The now talented rider practiced a bunch of other sports before giving cycling a shot. However, as he says "once I completed my first road ride, all the other sports became secondary". How and when did you start cycling?I started cycling back in 2009 when I was 9 years old. My dad was really passionate about everything that was related to cycling, and he passed that to me. Before taking up cycling I did other sports like…continue reading →

Jesper Rasch: “In 2019 I got better with every race and every workout”

Jesper Rasch joined the Academy halfway 2018 as he completed the remainder of that season as a trainee. After his first full season with the team, the Dutch sprinter feels like he has been able to develop his on-the-bike abilities and he is slowly improving into the rider that he wants to become. "During this past season, I noticed that I was getting one step stronger with every workout and every race I did. That constantly made my races a bit easier. That progress was noticeable in every race. This allowed me to…continue reading →

Get to know … Stan van Tricht

The talented Belgian rider was already part of the Academy already in the last part of 2019 as a trainee and he showed what he was capable of by taking a stage win and placing third overall. That set the foundation for 2020, which will feature the next step of his cycling journey that started at 9 years of age. How and when did you start cycling?I started cycling at the age of 9 and back then I was part of the local cycling school in Tienen. A friend of mine wanted to…continue reading →
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