SEG Racing Academy is looking for a Strategy Director through PC game

AMSTERDAM – The UCI Continental team SEG Racing Academy is utilizing the Pro Cycling Manager 2018 (PCM) PC game by Cyanide Studio to look for a Strategy Director.

On Saturday, May 4th, the best PCM players in the world will compete in the SEG Racing Academy PCM Cup 2019. The winner of the SEG PCM Cup will be invited to join the team as Strategy Director for a race day, all expenses paid!

Bart van Haaren, SEG Racing Academy Manager: “SEG Racing Academy has always embraced technology and is continuously innovating. We are curious and excited to see if we could really learn something from the best PCM players in the world”.

SEG Racing Academy is working together on this project with the PCMWorld Community and SEG Esports. Benji Naesen represents the PCMWorld Community: “When SEG announced the idea, Alex Lossberg and I were very enthusiastic. The main driving factor behind Pro Cycling Manager games is an amazing community that creates new databases and add-ons. For us, this is a chance to give something back to that community and to bring Pro Cycling Manager to the wider cycling public. ”

Combining the traditional sporting world with competitive gaming is not new for the SEG Racing Academy team, who are also competing in the Zwift KISS Super League. Rowan Stroo, Managing Director SEG Esports: “Using a game to look for ‘real life’ talent isn’t new in esports. It’s also been done in race driving for example. But to use a management game like PCM to look for strategic thinkers hasn’t been done before. We are very curious about the results, as we believe that PCM does take considerable skill to master and is very competitive on the highest level.”

The SEG PCM Cup will be held in one day, but in two stages: qualifying and final stage. In the qualifying stage, the 5 traditional monuments will be raced. The 15 players with the highest rated team performance on a points basis will then progress to the final stage. This final race will be ‘winner takes all’.

To learn more and participate in the cup, you can follow this link.