Affini: “I feel good and preparation went as planned. Now it is time to race.”
Our strong Italian rider, Edoardo Affini, will roll off the ramp today at the U23 World Championships time trial. The 21-year old will face a tough 37 kilometers long parcour which includes a short but punchy climb that averages a slope above 7% in its 1,4 km.

This will account as the second participation of Affini in the U23 World Championships, as our Italian rider also represented “La Tricolore” last year in Doha coming home with a 20th place.  “I’m feeling well, I had a good preparation and almost everything went as we planned, so now it’s just time to race! We will face an hard and long course, with never-ending ups and downs including two steep climbs.” says Affini. 

Edo, who narrowly missed the podium in the U23 European Championships and took third in the recent Olympia’s Tour prologue, has been working with the team of sports scientists of the Academy and together they have come up with some improvements in the his TT position. After analyzing the course on and off the bike, Affini highlights the importance of the strategy coming into today’s race. “I will have to calibrate how to spend my power along the course for avoid to be without energy too early. I expect to do my best, my goal it is not place-based. For me it will be all about pushing everything that I have,  and if I am be able to do that I think that a good result will come along.”