Affini is third in Olympia’s Tour prologue
The 2017 edition of the Olympia’s Tour started today with a fast 4,3 km prologue around the streets of Eelde. The course was totally flat and presented a couple of sharp corners where the riders had be careful, more when in the second half of the stage a light raining made act of presence. 

Our day started with Ide Schelling scoring the best provisional time and minutes later it was Marten Kooistra the one who was a two seconds faster than our first year U23. Both riders put on a great effort and finished 14th and 11th respectively, with teammate Jan Maas closely missing out the Top 20. The current U23 TT Dutch National Champion, Julius van den Berg, had a good performance as well and at the end of the day it was his time the one closing the final Top 10, only 10 seconds off the eventual winner. Finally, our last man off the ramp was Edoardo Affini, who showed all the work that he’s been doing on his TT position and powered to third overall. The strong Italian rider averaged a speed of 52,76 km/h during the length of the course and coming short by just two seconds to the fastest time. 

After tonight’s opening course, the race will head to its first road race stage with start and finish in Assen. The predominantly flat course previews a fast day on the bike and an eventual bunch sprint at the end.