Affini: “Our goal will be to do everything in our power to be the first into the velodrome”
Sunday’s Paris Roubaix will see Edoardo Affini’s first ever participation in the U23 version of the Hell of the North. The 21-year old Italian feels calm and excited ahead of pinning on the numbers for such an iconic race. “It is thrilling to be at the start of such an amazing race. It will be my first time as a U23 rider, but I already have an idea of what is coming as I did it as a Junior. To be honest, it was a really positive experience and I can’t wait to be back on those famous cobble sections again”. 

The team will be doing a recon of the most crucial parts of the course during the two days before the race. Knowing what is coming and the particularities of each cobbles sections will be a key advantage during the race, as well as getting familiar with the special set up of the bike. “It is really important to go and ride on the parcour a couple of days before such a challenging race. There we will have the chance of making any last minute adjustments to the bike and try to feel as comfortable as possible in the pavés sections” points out Affini. 

The team has been off to a great season start, and after the recent success in the previous weeks, we will go to Paris Roubaix with the goal to keep the streak going. Affini, who was third in stage 3 of Tour de Bretagne this year, points out the kilometers leading into the first cobbled section as one of the most important moments of the day. “The entrance to the first sector is always a chaos, so it will be important to be in the head of the race. But all in all, we are talking about a race where the winning move can happen anywhere so we have to be focused all day long. Our goal will be to do everything in our power to be the first into the velodrome”.