Affini powers to eighth in the Worlds Championships TT

Edoardo Affini put on a great performance in today’s individual time trial in the U23 World Championships celebrated in Bergen, Norway. The strong Italian rider hit the road in the second wave of riders and it quickly set the very fast times through the first time checks. In the end, Affini completed the 37 kilometers long circuit with 48:41 minutes averaging an speed of almost 46 km/h through the tough course and finished the day in eighth overall just 19 seconds off the bronze medal. 

Affini feels satisfied after his performance today:

“I’m satisfied to be in the top ten of the world. The winner that did a really incredible performance, and the rest were are close to each other, that means that the level is really high. My plan was to try to take some advantage in the first part and before the climb, maybe it cost me some time up the climb, but I think It was the only way for me.”

Performance manager, Vasilis Anastopoulos, shares his thoughts about Edo’s ride today in Norwegian soil:

“Edo did a very good race today and confirmed that he is one of the best TT riders in the world after finishing in a solid eighth place today. The time gap to the podium was small, so we can only be happy with his performance. I know that he could have being faster at the last part of the race, in facthe lost some time there, but knowing that the hill section was not in his favor he tried to push a bit harder in the previous part of the course and that cost him a lot of energy. Following that hill he wasn’t able to fully recover form that effort and couldn’t keep at high speed and that entailed that he lost some  time against the other riders on the latest part of the race.”