Alex Peters


A London Hattney-raised talented bike rider, Alex arrived as a third year U23, leaving the UK to become a real cyclist.

What about him?

Very good kid, on and off the bike; so friendly, so happy and loyal; but also struggling with himself on many occasions. Physically? One of the best talents in the history of British cycling.

How did he perform?

He was impressive, a huge talent. At his first race of the season, Tour de Normandie, he played with his opponents without knowing. He lost the race because of a crash but still finished second. At his second race, Tour de Bretagne, he won stage 4 and finished seventh in the general classification. At his third race, Flèche Ardennaise, performance manager Michiel Elijzen told him to wait for the last 20 km but Alex attacked with 70 km to go. They caught him in the last 10 km and he still managed to get 9th. At that time, he was the rider every WorldTour team wanted to sign.

What was next for him after the Academy?

Alex could just decide where he wanted to go. During the 2015 Giro d’Italia, we agreed terms with Team Sky for a two-year deal + traineeship. Our first development product was a fact. Flèche Ardennaise turned out to be the last race Alex finished for the Academy, just five months into our first season.

His first race with Team Sky was a first sight of what was coming next: he crashed out. While finishing 12th at Tour of Britain, his traineeship was not on the same level as earlier that season. Alex trained hard during the winter but had some mental struggles. It took him a lot to live up to the expectations that come with being a professional bike rider. Personal issues prevented him from being competitive, which resulted in other problems. At the end of 2016, which should have been the end of a very successful first year as professional, it became impossible for Alex to be a bike rider on WorldTour level.

Despite the help from the team, external professionals, family and friends, Alex decided to step down from the WorldTour and give up his Team Sky contract. As Academy, we agreed to help and give him the time to discover if he could still be a (professional) rider in the future. During the 2016/17 winter, the personal struggles continued and it turned out that Alex Peters will not race his bike anymore, as he moved his attention to his personal development instead. Alex was a fantastic cyclist but, above all, a great guy. We were so proud to see him making a comeback at Continental level in 2020.