Italian roots, unique style. Alberto ‘King of Europe’ Dainese. 

What about him? 
In September 2018, Alberto Dainese landed onto the Academy ready to make himself ready to move up to the professional peloton. In his first month as a member of the Academy he already took the win in to Kermesses competing against WorldTour rider. It takes a special mindset to come all the way from Italy to the Netherlands and be the best sprinter of the U23 ranks. But the goal was clear and the path was achieved. 
How did he perform?
In 2019 Alberto seized a total of 7 wins which inlcuded the U23 European Road Race title in Alkmaar, his first-ever professional win at the Czech Tour and three stages at the Tour of Bretagne against a strong peloton filled with professional riders. In other words, Alberto confirmed the expectations that we had, he was the best sprinter in the category and he just needed the right guidence and program to show so. 
What was next after the Academy?
After showing consistency and a high performing level, Alberto quickly become one of the hottest talents in the market. Several times showed interest in the talented sprinter but it was Team Sunweb the one that matched the needs and vision that Dainese has. The Dutch WorldTour squad will offer him the right environment to keep on developing as well as the appropiate program to develop himself as one of the fastest sprinters in the bunch.