Corbin Strong, World Champion on the track, a prodigy on the road. 

What about him? 

Corbin joined our program at the start of 2020 from St. George Continental Cycling Team, after putting together promising performances in the UCI Asia Tour. He came in as a fast sprinter and a track specialist ready to make the next step with his first-ever European experiences. 
How did he perform?

We could not start in a better way as in February 2020, Corbin was crowned Points World Track Champion in Berlin. After that, his stint at the Academy got tricky due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, he was coached and guided att all teams by the Academy performance professionals, which allowed him to start 2021 with an extra gear and clinched the overall victory at the New Zealand Cycle Classic. His performances on the track together with what he was doing on the road were making him a top prospect, which was confirmed after solid performances in his first one-day races in Europe. 
What was next after the Academy?

Multiple WorldTour teams were after Corbin, but it was Israel Premier Tech with a 3-year deal the one that set Strong’s development on the right path. In 2022 he started as a trusted lead-out man for said team, but he is slowly getting his own opportunities and making sure that he maximized opportunities on the track as well.