We are delighted to announce that Amacx Sports Nutrition will continue to be the fueling the SEG Racing Academy talents for the coming two years. After kicking off the partnership ahead of the 2020 season in a successful way, the academy and Amacx Sports Nutrition are looking to keep on growing together in the nutritional field through constant feedback and joining forces for providing the highest quality sports nutrition.

Rogier Trousset, Operational Manager at Amacx Sports Nutrition:
“We believe that longer-term partnerships are in the best interest of both parties. Sports nutrition is an ongoing and evolving process that will benefit the athlete at all stages of his training and career. We at Amacx believe that high-quality sports nutrition is the key element to reaching your targets. Combining the talents of the SEG Racing Academy with the premium-graded sports nutrition of Amacx gives the SEG Racing Academy riders a head-start into reaching their goals. We know that with the Academy we can build a solid base around product development that will allow us to continuously innovate and improve our product grid and make a difference in our market.”

Aike Visbeek, SEG Racing Academy Director: 
“For us, it was really important to find a nutritional partner who was willing to invest in product development and innovation. In 2020 we concluded that Amacx Sports Nutrition was the right partner for us. Extending the partnership for the 2021 season is something that is mutually beneficial for both parties. The Performance Staff and the riders were pleased with the products. The only possible next step for us was to extend this relationship to keep building on the good momentum that we have”.