We are happy to report that from 2020 onwards, the SEG Racing Academy talents will use Amacx products for their nutrition on and off the bike. The Dutch-based company will provide the Academy with a wide variety of energy bars, gels, isotonic sportdrinks and other nutritional products that will help our riders to enhance their performance and speed up their recovery. 

From the Academy side, it was really important to find a nutritional partner that was willing to join forces and invest in product development and innovation, and we found that in Amacx. Therefore this one will be an extensive partnership as the SEG Racing Academy and CyclingLab nutrition and exercise scientists will be largely involved in the product development collecting all the possible feedback from the riders and working alongside the specialists at Amacx to produce tailor-made products that satisfy all they need during their training rides and competition period.

“At Amacx we believe that high-quality sports nutrition is the key element to reaching your targets. Combining the talents of the SEG Racing Academy with the premium sports nutrition of  Amacx, gives the SEG Racing Academy riders a head start in reaching their goals, We want to offer the best quality at fair prices by offering products developed for and by endurance athletes and with continuous innovation and product development. We find all this values at the SEG Racing Academy, so it feels right to partner up and work together for mutual improvement” points out Rogier Trousset, Operational Manager at Amacx Sports Nutrition.