Anastopoulos: “This is the time of the year when individuals become a team”
The first get-together of the 2018 roster took place in November in Eindhoven. Fun and team building activities were in the menu, but for the second meeting things will be different. During 12 days (from the 10th to the 22nd of January) our riders will travel to Loutraki, for fourth year in a row, to keep up with the preparations for the season. Performance Manager, Vasilis Anastopoulos, highlights the importance of training camps at this time of the year. “This will be the first time that almost all the riders will get together to do some real training. It is very important for the new guys to get along with the ‘older’ ones, and for the whole group to train in a familiar environment. This is the time of the year when individuals become a team”. 

The main goal of the camp will be to work on the aerobic endurance of the riders as they build a strong base of kilometers that will help them to perform later in the season. “The main plan is to complete around 45 hours of training in those 12 days. The main goal will be to improve the ability of the body to use fat so they can use glycogen stores later in the race. In other words, we will try to make each rider’s system more economic so they have enough energy left at the end of the races to attack or sprint for the win” points out Anastopoulos. 

But the importance organizing training camps does not solely apply to the work on the bike, as there’s a lot of work off it that will also be carried throughout the season.  “On the physiological side we want to create a good atmosphere in the team and build trust between the riders. At the end of the day they are going to be competing together more than 80 days during the season”. 

Loutraki is the perfect location for cycling training, and that why we keep coming twice every year. The wide variety of terrains and the sunny weather allows our performance staff to plan a really solid training plan. Our Performance Manager gives us a sneak peek of what type of training sessions our riders will do: “During the camp we will mix long rides with some torque and sub-threshold work. We will be able to do recreate different situations like TTT or lead-out sprints at the same time that we hit the long climbs almost every day  and test the current condition of the riders. Also, during the rides we will practice some low intensity race scenarios, emphasizing on the tactical and technical end instead of power or effort”.