The Cycling Performance Centre (CPC) and SEG Racing Academy have been productive partners in guiding upcoming talents for many years. This past summer CPC and SportMáx have been taken over by Ancora Health, an inspiring start-up with the focus on preventive health with also a new location in Amsterdam. By making people aware of their current health by doing blood tests and body-measurements in combination with specific DNA-analysis Ancora can give specific advice on how to prevent certain lifestyle-related conditions. From a performance perspective, one of their main areas of knowledge is our oximetry, a maximum stress test on the bike with constant ECG monitoring of the heart and pulmonic monitoring via gas-analysis. With this test, they can assess the health of the heart and lungs during exercise and give specific advice according to the accurately determined thresholds.

When the COVID-pandemic started to spread a lot of sports were put on hold and uncertain times for the sports teams. In the last few months cyclists slowly started to get back on their bike according to strict regulations by the UCI. In guidance of these regulations, each team must undergo periodic PCR-testing for the COVID-virus in advance of the competition. For assessing the risk on the COVID-virus daily questionnaires asking for different symptoms quickly became a part of the normal daily routine for the cyclists and the staff. To guide SEG Racing Academy during these times Ancora Health offers support of Luuk Walta M.D. As a doctor with special interest experience in sports in general and cycling in particular, Luuk can make valuable contributions to your team in giving regular medical advice, interpreting the daily questionnaires and collecting all the data from the PCR-tests done in different regions of Europe and making sure the UCI is up-to-date with the results.

Aike Visbeek, SEG Racing Academy Director:
“2020 has been a really strange and difficult year for everyone. Once the first protocols were released, we were really lucky to have Ancora and Doctor Luuk Walta on our side to help us deal with that. Thanks to this procedures we were able to race not only nationally in Holland, but also to go to the Giro d’Italia U23, one our main targets of the season”