Another action packed weekend
After a strong season start with three wins in just few days of competition, the Academy is heading into yet another action packed weekend in the Netherlands. Saturday’s Ronde van Groningen will feature a total of 172 km, in a day were wind and rain are expected to play a crucial role in the final outcome of the race. The following day, six of our riders will be at the start line of Houtse Linies, ready to take the most of the nine laps that the bunch will do to the local circuit, constant attacking and high pace will be on the rider’s menu. 

Lineup Ronde van Groningen: Ide Schelling, Minne Verboom, Marten Kooistra, Daan Hoole, George Stavrakakis, Thymen Arensman and Edoardo Affini
Lineup Houtse Linies: Ide Schelling, Minne Verboom, Marten Kooistra, Daan Hoole, George Stavrakakis and Edoardo Affini

George Stavrakakis, winner of the Nea Phyladelphia Criterium last week in Greece, is ready to kick off his season with the Academy: 
“I am ready for it, I have trained a lot and I feel really motivated to start the season with some good races. I have been waiting for it since November, so I look forward to be in the start line this weekend. After some rest, recently I have done a serious block of motor-pacing in Athens with Vasi, and I am really happy with the result. Last week’s win was a good one for my morale, but above all I feel like my body is responding well and that all the hard work done during the winter period is starting to pay off”.