Another tough day out in Aosta

It was another hard day out in the Giro valle d’Aosta. The tough parcour presented by the organization, that included six categorized climbs, was a massive one for the peloton. Our day couldn’t start any worse as Stevie Williams, who crashed yesterday but finished the stage, did not start with a fractured wrist and Lucas Eriksson didn’t roll to the start line either because of illness due to the excessive heat of these last days. The British climber and the Swedish all-rounder are set to go back home and let their injuries seal before jumping on the bike again. We wish them fast and safe recovery! 

A 6-man group broke clear in the first kilometers of the day and remained upfront for a large share of the stage. The short steep climbs led a reduced peloton in the final end of the course, and the second-to-last climb was done with only a few units remaining. The dirt road that lead the to the descent to the last difficulty of the stage, made the parcour even tougher. 

Two stages to go. We won’t go down without a fight.