Bell was established back in 1954 and now designs helmets for a variety of sports including cycling.

Bell’s products are produced with every aspect of its function in mind, and that is what happened with our customized range of helmets – the most innovative road cycling helmets the company has ever created. Lots of hours of testing and retesting have been put into the final designing of these products.

Our riders are provided with three different helmets: the lightweight Z2, the proven aerodynamic Z20 Aero and the high-tech and wind tunnel tested Bell Javelin. All of them have been designed in our Academy colors.

Being able to use such high-quality products is key for our riders’ performance and development.

“Bell is very excited to continue its relationship with SEG Racing Academy for 2019. Bell strongly supports developmental cycling and we’re confident that SEG Racing Academy will continue to produce some of Europe’s best cycling talent. SEG is producing great content regularly which makes our relationship even easier. We’re excited to follow the team all year long and witness the progression of their young stars.” – Austin Rojas, Bell’s Sports Marketing Manager.