Bike fit


Looking for the perfect bike fit? SEG Racing Academy can help you!

Our scientists have the ultimate combination of scientific knowledge and cycling experience, putting that expertise to service of the team. Now they are also accessible to assist in your development.

Testing aims to assess the baseline fitness levels as a foundation for your guided development. Moreover, a follow-up test will track your performance development for future adjustments.

Bike fit test at CyclingLab in Amsterdam:

  • The test starts with a half an hour intake with a physiotherapist to test flexibility and deformities. 
  • A bike fitting aims to optimise performance, efficiency and comfort on the bike while preventing injuries

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Bike fit test 
Agility and stability
Pedal adjustment
3D bike position analysis
Individual position optimisation
Bike measurement tuning and monitoring
Saddle pressure measurement and saddle analysis
LocationAmsterdam Velodrome