Burger on his recovery: “It helped me to grow as a cyclist and as a person”
Bad luck hit Sven Burger’s interests in late February, as after some pain in the knee during the last day of training in Loutraki resulted in a runner’s knee, causing him an inflammation under the tendon of his right knee. “The injury started with some small pain in the last 10 minutes on the last big session of February’s training camp. At first, it was nothing to be really anxious about but during the night it got swollen and really painful. Back then I was told to stay calm and not to worry too much about it. Back in the Netherlands, I got diagnosed with a runners knee (illiotibialus friction syndrome)”. 

As soon as the expedition landed back to the Netherlands, the 21-year old was sent straight for a bike fit to look for the causes that may caused the injury in the first place. “That was the hardest part of the recovery. We had no idea what was the cause of the injury, so every time that I was allowed to ride my bike again, the pain kept on coming back. But it looked like that the problem was never fixed …” 

However, the Academy put everything together so the talented Dutch rider could heal up as quick as possible. “When we reached a point in which it was very (mentally) challenging for me, I started seeing Lobke Blom (SEG Racing Academy mental coach), and it helped me a lot. I developed a lot on personal growth, an aspect that it is even more important that training. It is a cliché to say that every setback makes you stronger, but in this very case I can say that it will be like that”.

For the past week, Sven has been able to cycle pain-free, so he could resume his training program as well as his racing one. The U23 Dutch Nationals will be his first race in the SEG Racing Academy get up, and from there on he will cautiously prepare some late goals in the season. “I am really excited to be lining up for the U23 Nationals. I can’t expect anything but I want to help the team to get the fourth consecutive win over there. The day after I will be heading to the team apartment in Girona to prepare myself for the last part of the season where I want to show what I’m capable of and aim for a good result in GP Wallonie, Piccolo Lombardia, Olympia’s Tour and hopefully the Worlds as the course will definitely suit me. But for now, enjoy riding my bike, stay positive and work hard!” concludes Burger.