In late-February, as the team training camp in Loutraki was coming to an end, Sven Burger suffered a long-lasting injury that kept him off the bike and the racing scheme for a long time. However, the strong-minded Dutchman did not give up and made it back on the bike for the U23 Dutch Nationals in late-June. “When looking back at 2019, I’m a bit disappointed about my season. Despite I came back quite strong after my knee injury, I felt like I never really reached my top shape and I wasn’t able to show what I am truly capable of. I was a couple of times in contention for the win but due to lack of fitness, I could not fight for it, and that is still stuck in my mind. However, I learned and improved on all sides during the season, and reaching a high-level in such a short period of time gives me some good confidence for 2020” points out Burger. 

As mentioned, the strong Dutchman so himself in upfront in 1.1’s Veenendaal-Veenendaal Classic and Koga Slag om Norg in which he finished in fifth and sixth position respectively. “Coming back in Slag om Norg with a sixth place was definitively a high point in my short season, but I also enjoyed working for the team. The feeling of us working as one to deliver Alberto (Dainese) to the win in the Czech Tour was one of the best moments on the bike. On the other side, the knee injury was a low point but after all, I was just really happy to finally be back racing. Especially I enjoyed racing with this year’s group of guys who all fought for each other”. 

Burger will transition everything that he has learned off and on the bike during a hectic 2019 onto the coming season. The Dutch all-rounder will still be a fundamental part of the team structure and will put his race vision and tactics into work for the team’s success. “I am really thankful for the confidence of the Academy so I can stay on board next year. I’m determined to make 2020 my year as pulling off a win in a 1.1 race is my ultimate goal. Besides that, I want to ride consistent and help/guide the team to success as we will have a really strong team again”.