Cees Bol makes his comeback today in Zottegem

Today’s Belgian one day classic, GP Stad Zottegem, marks Cees Bol comeback at racing level. The 2016 winner of the Olympia’s Tour suffered a domestic accident on March 3rd, just a couple of days before GP Lillers where he was supposed to kick off his 2017 season:

“I just came back from training and I was resting at home, when all the sudden I fainted because standing up fast and fell on my head. I was unconscious but it was sure that I suffered a concussion.” 

The recovery process wasn’t an easy road for Cees as he had to face some setbacks before he completed his way back on the bike:

“In the days to follow the crash, slowly I started to remember everything that happened and also everything that I did the week before. I followed the program of the doctor and recovery seemed to be going well but after two weeks I was completely back to the start and felt bad again. It was really frustrating as I was in a great shape and ready to chase my spring goals and realize my dream of becoming professional this year. It became a difficult period, postponing my comeback all the time. All in all, the recovery process has been about making small steps and then afterwards see if the step was successful or if I have to go a little easier again because the headaches always come afterwards.”

It’s been a tough journey for the strong Dutchman. After a successful 2016 campaign Cees showed up at the training camp in great form and won our first race of the year, the SP Tableware Crit in Athens. Due to his injury he has seen the chance of fighting for his cycling goals slip away, but all he has been through has made a huge learning process for him:

“It was a hard process of course, I learnt a lot about how to deal with disappointments but overall I’ve been quite confident about coming back and that made it easier to keep calm. Also a mental coach has helped me, because frustration and anger cost a lot if energy so to learn how to deal with it certainly helped the recovery too,  still ups and downs of course, but more ups. For that reason I will start today without any pressure, just keep riding as long as it goes. In that way I hope to continue to make small steps towards full race fitness and program.”

With his comeback in mind, Cees decided to go on a training camp in the Eiffel together with Peter Lenderink (who is also working on his comeback). After some good training sessions the good feeling is coming back for the strong Dutchman. Starting racing now is the next step in the comeback process, hoping to be competitive in the remaining season mid September-October. Important for Cees to finish this disappointed 2017 year with a good feeling in order to show his class again in 2018. 

We are extremely happy to see Cees pinning on a number today again! Enjoy today, Cees!