Cees Bol

Date of birth 27-07-1995
Country Netherlands
Place of residence Zaandam, Netherlands
Height 194 cm
Weight 83 kg
Best result Winner Olympia’s Tour (2016)
Favorite pro rider(s) Many pro riders are an example, I try to learn from all

Why did you start cycling?

My sister was already a member of the local cycling club. I joined her when I was seven and really enjoyed it from the first moment.

Name your specialties:

Classics, hard racing with repetitive short efforts.

What do you do besides cycling?

Go out with friends. Try to do other sports in the off-season.

Tell us your goals for 2017.

For 2017 I want to make the step from being in the finals and getting results, to really winning races.

What’s your favorite race in the 2017 calendar?

Paris-Roubaix U23.

What’s your dream race to win at the pros in the future?


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