We are more than happy to announce that CyclingLab and the SEG Racing Academy will join forces and the Amsterdam and Maastricht-based company will become our performance partner for 2020 onwards. “At Cyclinglab our mission is to train cyclists and we believe that behind real performance there’s always a team. Our team of physiotherapists, sports dieticians, trainers and exercise physicians will make sure that the SEG Racing Academy talents have the best possible assistence to improve their performance” highlights Jim van den Berg, owner of CyclingLab. 

CyclingLab will bring the performance guidance of our talents to a new level, which will have a really positive impact on their development on and off the bike. “We are really excited to partner up with CyclingLab. At the Academy, we have really high standards when it comes to Performance Management The diverse expertise and knowledge in the company will help our riders to take the next step in their development ” points out Academy Manager, Bart van Haaren.

Based in Amsterdam and Maastricht, CyclingLab can help you to become a better bike rider through a dedicated team of qualified professionals. Whatever your goal is, you will be taking riding to a whole new level!