Cyclinglab is a team of sports scientists, physiotherapists, a sports doctors and a dieticians that provide high-quality traning guidence to cyclists, from recreational cyclists to aspirirng to be professional riders as well as current pros. CyclingLab helps in every step of the way on your journey to reach your goals With an indoor training center, training guidance and services such as exercise tests and bike fittings and VO2 Max they offer scientific knowledge for cyclists at every level.

CyclingLab will become the Performance Partner of the Academy from 2020 onwards! 

“At CyclingLab our mission is to train cyclists and we believe that behind real performance there’s always a team. Our team of physiotherapists, sports dietician, trainers and exercise physician will make sure SEG Racing Academy will have the best team to facilitate our talents”

Jim van den Berg, owner of CyclingLab.