We are delighted to announce our first graduate of the 2020 season, as David Dekker has inked a two-year deal with Jumbo Visma. The 22-year old and the current Dutch U23 Road Race champion will transition onto the WorldTour squad ahead of the beginning of the year. “I’m very happy, as I’ve been working towards this goal for a long time now and seeing that I’ll actually make the move to the professional ranks with such a highly-talented and well-respected team, it’s something beyond belief. The confidence the SEG Racing Academy has given me from day one had helped me a lot to focus on my big goal this year, and eventually becoming a professional” points out Dekker. 

The fast sprinter has had a short but intense journey at the Academy as he joined the team ahead of 2020 while entering onto his last year in the U23 category. Dekker, hit the ground running and in the first three races before the forced break, he seized two wins in Ster van Zwolle and Dorpenomloop Rucphen and a third place in 1.1’s Le Samyn. “I have learned a lot from professional and experienced staff members and in the few races that I did this year I enjoyed being part of such an ambitious group of riders and staff. Working together with teammates who all want to achieve the highest possible has made me really enjoy this year. I am thankful to each individual that is part of the SEG Racing Academy family and I will always consider myself a part of that family as well!”. 

Despite the abnormalities of the current season and it’s reduced road racing time, Dekker highlights the high-quality training guidance and the professionalism in which the team is run as two of the most important aspects that helped his personal development in the time together. “Gaining a lot of training knowledge has been one of the biggest improvements I felt since joining the team. Not only from my personal trainer Ioannis (Tamouridis), but from the whole Performance Staff I have gained a lot of knowledge about different types of training, which has helped me to understand what I am doing and why I am doing it. But overall, being part of a structure with such a high development focus has made me a better and stronger rider overall”. 

Aike Visbeek, SEG Racing Academy Director:
“We are really proud to have helped David (Dekker) to move onto the professional ranks. Despite the short season, in the early one-day races he showed that he was WorldTour material and that he’s ready to not only to take the next step but also to be a real asset from day one”

Martijn Berkhout, SEG Cycling Director & UCI Registrated Agent:
“With the strong season start that David (Dekker) had, it was clear that he there would be interest in him in the market. He proved that he’s ready to move up, and among the different options we worked out the one that suited best to his personal ambitions and development goals. At Jumbo-Visma he will have the right environment to keep on growing on and off the bike”.