Just one season in our Academy was enough for David Dekker to showcase his potential and make the jump to the professional ranks. “The SEG Racing Academy for sure has helped me out in many ways. First of all it started with the confidence I felt already from the first conversation I had in 2019. This really made me believe in my own qualities even more. From the point we started the 2020 preparations, I soon found out the is an incredible amount of knowledge in the team. With a high quality performance staff I learned a lot about training itself but also wouldn’t have to worry about the quality of the training programs. With Aike Visbeek also joining the team I could learn a lot from somebody this professional and experienced” points out the future Jumbo Visma rider. 

A very successful season start with wins in Ster van Zwolle and Dorpenomloop Rucphen as well as a solid third place in Le Samyn against a very strong field, caught the eye of the best teams of the sport, however the learning process did not stop there and the tailor-made development plan was fullfilled all the way through. “As I said I learned a lot about training itself this season. It made me more aware of how important a well balanced training plan is. Also in terms of nutrition during races I made a lot of improvement. Already on the training camp all of us were trying to improve that aspect. When we started racing it felt like a normal habit for me to be constantly thinking about this in a good way. Those are definitely two big learning points”. 

The 22-year old, was part of the team during the 2020 season, but he embraced our philosophy  since day one. However, he has some advice for our 2021 squad and the riders that hope to follow their footsteps in the future. “The first advice would be to realise you are a part of SEG Racing Academy for a reason. The team believes in you that you have the potential to become a pro cyclist. Of course this doesn’t mean you will be a pro guaranteed, but for sure you have the abilities. The second advice would be to be aware of all the experience and knowledge that is around in the team. From mechanics to trainers to sports directors, if you have any question don’t be afraid to ask it. Every single staff member has the best interest with your future and they want to help you improve as much as possible”.