We are delighted to announce that the current Belgian Junior Road Race Champion, Dries de Pooter, has signed for the Academy and will join our development program from 2021 onwards. “The SEG Racing Academy is a top world-class team in helping U23 talents to get ready and make the step towards the professional ranks when the moment is right. The way that the riders are guided and the international racing program that the Academy does every season, is just tailor-made for the rider’s development”. 

The 17-year old, has emerged as one of the top prospects in the Belgian scene during his time in the junior ranks, crowning himself as the 2020 Belgian Junior Road Race champion as well as strong ride in Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne, showcasing his complete skills set, which was a dream ending to his 8 years stint in the Acrog Tormans club. “I really want to improve and be better. I want to excel in climbing and time trialing, so that would be two of my main focus points. With the professional approach that the Academy has to performance as well as the high-end technical equipment, I feel like I’m in the proper environment to do so” points out De Pooter. 

Before agreeing on joining the SEG Racing Academy, Dries de Pooter and the Belgian-based club, Home-Solutions, accorded to work together for the coming season. Thanks to the good relationship of all parts with the Academy, we agreed that Dries would wear our colors for 2021. “There’s a lot of knowledge in the Academy with a lot of the staff members having WorldTour experience, and it’s all at the service of us the riders. Also, if you add the racing program, which features the biggest U23 races out there, and the track-record with talent development, it proves the viability and the validation of the program. With all this in mind, it was the logical step for a rider like me and I’m ready to give it all” concludes the multi-talented youngster. 

Aike Visbeek, SEG Racing Academy: 
“We are very happy to add Dries (De Pooter) to our roster for 2021 and to play a part in his development. He’s a very talented rider and with a bright future, so we want to help him to develop into the best rider possible. Again, I’d like to thank Home-Solutions for their cooperation as well as Acrog Tormans for their work during his formation years in cycling, so he can be the rider that he is today”