Dries de Pooter

Date of birth 08-11-2002
Country Belgium
Place of residence Geel, Belgium
Height 181 cm
Weight 61 kg
Best result 2020 Belgium Junior Road Race Champion
Favorite pro rider(s) Tom Dumoulin

Why did you start cycling?

I started cycling because my father and grandfather learned me riding my bike and after a few years when my football career was a bit done I made the switch to cycling and so it began

Name your specialties:

 I think my specialties are the efforts between 30-60 seconds and I am also not slow at the end of a hard race

What do you do besides cycling?

My other hobbies are fishing and playing F1 in my simulator.

Tell us your goals for 2021. 

My goals for 2021 are very simple. Just gain a lot of experience. And hopefully, take a victory

What’s your favorite race in the 2021 calendar?

My favorite races need to be the classic races. The short hills are my favorites

What’s your dream race to win at the pros in the future?

My dream race to win is without any doubt the worlds. Riding in such a beautiful jersey is my biggest dream!