Dries Hollanders talks about Paris-Roubaix

For the past two days our riders alongside Jens Mouris have been around the roads and cobbled sections of Sunday’s Paris-Robaix for a recon. Dries Hollanders, our DS for the race, highlights the importance of these two days leading to the marked day: “ The recon is crucial. Riders need to know where the critical points in the race are and which are the hardest and longest cobbles sections.”

In such a demanding race as the Hell of the North, equipment importance is very significant and can make a big difference: “Testing the material is key, but luckily Koga and Shimano have been working hard on the bike, plus Schwalbe provided us with tubeless tires. We are ready for the mechanical battle.”

The team has been off to a great run in this cycling’s monument with two second places in a row, but this time we aim higher: ”Condition is on point and morale is high. Everyone knows how important this race is the team, and how legendary and iconic it is. Each rider wants to perform excellent there so, we are up for the challenge”.