Dries Hollanders: “We have a really strong team for 2018”
Dries Hollanders joined the Academy as Sports Director and trainer last year. The role of DS was brand new to him, as it was his first ever experience in such a role. “The 2017 season was a whole new adventure for me. As a rider you tend to underestimate a little bit the job of the DS, as a rider it seems normal to be in hotels and have all the transports planned, but now I know it a little bit better. I am satisfied with my first year in SEG Racing Academy, but I am still hungry to perform better as a DS and a trainer. Luckily, I can count on all the support of the professionals of the team like Vasilis Anastopoulos (Performance Manager) and Michel Conrnelisse (talent coach and DS) for tips and experience”. 

Hollanders is looking forward to his second season in the team discipline, with the main goal of helping the riders to make the next step. “The 2018 roster is a mixture of young talents and riders with a lot of experience in the U23 ranks. I think that we have a really strong team and they are really motivated and ready to give the best of themselves”. Regarding the racing program that the team puts across every year, our trainer and DS, insists on appreciating the competitive level of it. “The races in our schedules are all ridden at a very high level and pace. The combination of the best U23 races with some high-level pro races makes ours a very balanced schedule”. 

After the first get-together of the year, Hollanders feels calm and relax as the chemistry in the team is going really well. “It is not only between the riders. Behind the scenes, they are supported by a very enthusiastic staff team that works hard to allow every rider to perform at the highest level possible. Everyone involved with the team brings in motivation and makes our story stronger”.