Cycling was not the first choice for the current U23 Italian Road Race Champion, Marco Frigo. The now talented rider practiced a bunch of other sports before giving cycling a shot. However, as he says “once I completed my first road ride, all the other sports became secondary”.

How and when did you start cycling?
I started cycling back in 2009 when I was 9 years old. My dad was really passionate about everything that was related to cycling, and he passed that to me. Before taking up cycling I did other sports like swimming, cross-country skiing. However, when I did my first ride on a road bike all the other sports become secondary.

Which were the clubs/teams you were part of before joining the Academy?
My first days in cycling were with the V.C. Bassano 1982 Club, which is the local society for young aspiring riders in the region I live in. I was part of the club until I was in became a Junior, then I moved to Daniele 1914. I was very happy in the team and they allowed me to grow without any pressure and that paid off when Zalf Euromobil Fior, one of the best teams in Italy, come knocking my door. With them, I was able to settle in the U23 category with the peace of mind that a team like that one can give to you.

What are the most valuable lessons that you have learned from those days?
Cycling is a sport where you can’t hide. You have to work hard to achieve your goals and results. As I moved up in the categories of the sport, I learned that cycling is no longer a game. Commitment and perseverance are values that have always been taught to me as fundamental and now, more than ever, I am putting them into practice.