Wessel Krul joined the Academy in August after our management was in contact with him for quite some time. The talented Dutchman, whose talent was discovered by his grandad, powered to second in the U23 Dutch TT Nationals, and made the next step in his cycling development.

How and when did you start cycling?
I started cycling about 7 years ago. My mother had a bike which she didn’t use for a while. So I went for a spin with my father and I really enjoyed it. My granddad noticed I had some ‘talent’. He was really enthusiastic, maybe, in the beginning, more then I was at the time. I trained with my granddad only for half a year before I joined my first club, WV Westfrisia. After I had my first training I was immediately sold to the sport. 

Which were the clubs/teams you were part of before joining the Academy?
When I started cycling I joined my local club ‘WV Westfrisia’’. I got my license halfway the season. The first year I didn’t race that much but it was good to get in touch with the sport. After my first year at my local club, I went to another club ‘HRTC Hoorn’. I went to this club because there were more riders of my age to train and race with at the club. After these clubs, I went as a U17 to ‘Wielerzone Nederland’. Here I really learned how to train and did, for example, my first training camp. I look back to 2 fantastic years at the club. After these 2 years, I went to a Belgian team, named Forte Young Cycling Team. Here things started to get quite serious. I got in touch with a trainer. And went to a school to combine my sports ambitions with my school. I started to get some good results in some UCI races. In my first year as a U23, I rode for a club team from Amsterdam, WPGA. They have a really good race calendar with a lot of variation in levels. This made the transition from U19 to U23 A lot easier. Here I got the time to get used to the length and the type of racing. I also focussed on my time trial abilities which came out really good with a 2nd place at the nationals. 

What are the most valuable lessons that you have learned from those days?
That you have to enjoy the training and you have to work hard. In the beginning, I saw training only because it was needed for the races. But in the last years, I really started to enjoy riding my bike more and more.