Edo Affini: “I’m ready for it.”

First timer in the race, Edoardo Affini, is really looking forward to debut at the Olympia’s Tour. Today’s stage suits his specialties as the bunch will face a 4,5 km long prologue around the streets of Eelde. Edo feels happy and relaxed ahead of the race’s depart. “Everyone told me that Olympia’s Tour is a really good race, so I expect a great battle because every rider will try to show himself in such an important competition. Our team’s strategy will be to fight for the stage wins and finish up there in the GC fight. I will try to help my teammates as much as possible and if I get the chance I’d like to go for a stage win. I feel well and prepared and I’m ready to start this new experience.” says the strong Italian rider. 

Second in the U23 Italian TT Championships and fourth in the U23 TT Europeans, Affini will be giving his 100% in Olympia’s Tour as he tunes his form up for his main goal towards the end of the season, the U23 TT World Championships. “The preparation for the Worlds  is going in the right way and doing the Tour de l’Avenir it was great for improve my shape.  Now I want to make another step  with Olympia’s Tour  and put a lot of race speed in the legs.”

Affini took advantage of one of the services of the Academy and he has been working with our team of sport scientists in order to improve his riding against the clock. After numerous exams and tests both parties are working together on some small details that will increase the speed of our Italian rider in the time trials. “Together with Vasi we saw that the power numbers were really good, specially  after what we saw at the Europeans.” But both parts kept working on improving the current situation and led to some minor changes in Edo’s position. “We decided to focus also on the aerodynamics to improve my performance and the recent tests we did were really important for that. We saw that my position wasn’t bad at all, but after many attempts we found a better one. We didn’t do any major changes, basically we put the handlebar up, trying to hide as much as possible my head between the hands and the shoulders for minimize the air impact. I need to get used to this position, but for sure will give me a small boost to my speed.”