Edo Affini: “We have done everything properly ahead of the Worlds”
Our Edoardo Affini it is no stranger in fighting for the win when it comes down to a time trial, in fact, he has done it four times this season and crowned himself as the U23 European TT Champion. After a really successful first part of the season, the Italian TT specialist will be fighting for the win in next week’s U23 World Championships time trial in Austria. “I am feeling great and my preparation has gone as planned. Despite carrying two crashes in l’Avenir and Olympia’s Tour, I feel confident about what we have done with Vasilis Anastopoulos (Performance Manager) and we both know that we have done things in the proper way. Looking back to how things have gone this season, my morale is high and I look forward to pinning on the numbers” points out the talented Italian. 

Anastopoulos highlights the importance of the work done together for the past two years, and how everything started at the end of 2016. “His preparation for this year has followed the path that we set when Edo joined the team almost two years ago. The only thing that changed from last year is that Edo spent three weeks in altitude before the Tour de l’Avenir, which proved to have a positive effect on his condition. Also, as we got a new time trial bike from Koga, we have paid a lot of attention to the position and the material use and we believe that we totally adapted to the fastest bike in the market. It will not be easy, I believe that he is mature enough, both physically and mentally, to fight for the win with the best of the world”. 

Affini has been dominating the time trial scene this season, and aside of the above-mentioned U23 European title he also holds a win in the Giro d’Italia U23 opening prologue, the U23 Italian TT national title and a gold medal in the 2018 Mediterranean Games. The fact that he will be one of the favorites for the race does not bother the strong Italian. “Every TT is different and is hard to make predictions beforehand, but yes I am really proud to have won four of them this season. I think that the number one favorite should be the reigning champion, but is true that it will be a great fight with some really strong riders”. The Academy’s Performance Manager specifies the last training sessions that Affini will do before tunning the legs on point for the high event. “After the Olympia’s Tour Edo got some speed in his legs which it is always really helpful. Now, we will focus on one last block based on race simulations on the TT bike combined with work in the track. That will put on the final touches to his preparation and he will be more than ready to show his power”. 

Edoardo Affini will tackle the U23 World Championships time trial the upcoming 24th of September.