After the success of the first edition, the SEG eRacing U23 Series will be back on the 12th of June with a set of four one-day races and a stage race that will feature 3 stages. However, this time the competition will present a very important addition, as the SEG eRacing U19 Series will debut also on the 12th of June! You can check out all the information of the parcours and stages here. Registration are still open for the U19 Series as well as for the U23 Series

We sat down with Ioannis Tamouridis, SEG Racing Academy Performance Manager, for a Q&A about the performance advantages of taking part on these type of competition while getting ready for the road season. 

How does this type of competition help riders during this period?
I think one of the most important benefit from the e-races this period is that it keeps the riders motivated and competitive. They have the opportunity to compete with other high level riders from different countries, in different courses and with tactics quite similar to real life racing.

What’s the aspect that gets more improved during eRacing?
Most of the e-races are short duration, but with high intensity from the beginning throughout the race. This constant high intensity with an average value around the FTP, is a factor that helps to improve special performance characteristics which are associated with the aerobic capacity.

How does this help towards the upcoming transition to the road?
The combination of the above two factors is the reason why we are trying to include e-races in our training blocks. The goal is to stimulate riders’ performance, during a period where the races are absent, with high intensity efforts similar to the real life racing and at the same time keep them competitive and ‘hungry’ for success.