We want to announce that the SEG eRacing U23 Series stage race has been postponed to the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of May, with the parcourses and the start times remaining the same. The reason why we decided to postpone the Series is that we, together with RGT Cycling, want to be as sure as we can that we won’t experience any similar problems again. RGT did extensive research last days, and fixed the problem immediately. Nevertheless, we decided it is better not to rush the next deadline, but to take the time to test the new updates extensively. Please find below a statement from RGT Cycling. 

21th to 23th of May: SEG eRacing U23 Stage Race – All starts will be at 8pm CET
21th May; Borrego Springs Crit – Flat 38,5 km 
22th May; Paterberg – Hilly 42 km 
23th May; Mont Ventoux –Climb 25,5 km

Statement from RGT Cycling with more insight into the problem, fixes, and updates that are being worked on: 

“We didn’t expect to be expressing our apologies for failing to host an event, but that’s what happened and that’s where we here to do. We’re racers, so we know how much time goes into racing schedules and training plans and we have felt the pain of interruptions. So, for any issues we have caused, we’re genuinely sorry. The issue on Friday was new. This was not a question of our ability to support a race of this size. The problem we faced was the way the riders tried to join the event. This seemed to come all at the same time and to use a simple analogy, we couldn’t get you across the bridge fast enough. We now understand what caused the issue and have worked with the guys at SEG eRacing Academy to secure a better system to ensure no further problems are encountered when racing on RGT Cycling. Finally, thanks for your understanding. We’re trying to build something new and couldn’t do it without your support”.