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With most participants probably new on the RGT platform, find below already some tips for the race. Best way to get the feeling of the platform by just trying it out! 

– Test your set-up before race day
– Ride the course in advance
– Understand the physics: These are truly different compared with Zwift, so we advise to test this. We experienced that in Zwift the Power Output is very stable, and is not affected by corners, position in peloton. In RGT Cycling, you can make the difference by position yourself before a corner (like on the road). No power output is needed during a corner, and you need to push harder after a corner. This all leads to more small ‘rest moments’ but also to a higher normalized power output.
– Drafting (You see what you are saving in watts. Position in the group is crucial to benefit from this).
– Braking (Before a corner, your avatar is braking and the power output won’t result in more speed in the corner)
– Collision Avoidance (Your avatar will not go through the peloton like in Zwift. You really have to find a spot in the group)
– Think about positioning (As you have to find a spot in the group and passing other riders needs space on the road, positioning is very important. Same before corners)
– Don’t expect power up boosts like in Zwift