Fabio takes fifth at Koga Slag om Norg

As expected, the gravel roads of Koga Slag om Norg decided a very hectic day on the bike. The breakaway of the day was quickly formed, and three riders broke away from the back at a very early stage of the day.

The peloton allowed them over seven minutes before the they started chasing back. Once the race hit the hardest sections of the race, the bunch started to split into groups, but the great job of Henrik Evensen and Marten Kooistra kept the team well-represented in those echelons. Once the race entered to the last 30 km, Fabio Jakobsen alongside five other riders went away and kept chasing on the leaders on their own. The two groups became one with just five kilometers to go, and as soon as it happened, a lot of attacking went by. Last year's winner, Fabio Jakobsen, worked on chasing and bridging across those accelerations. As the front group was getting closer to the line, it was clear that nobody wanted to arrive with Fabio. A late attacker brought three more riders to his wheel and sprinted for the win. In the group behind, the U23 Dutch National champion crossed the line second, for a final fifth place overall and Julius van den Berg and Hartthijs de Vries in tenth and 11th. 

It was an action packed weekend of racing, but we are already looking forward to the next one!