Fleet Complete Cycling Academy – p/b SEG Racing Academy
We are excited to expand the blueprint of our successful Racing Academy to a new dimension. The launch of this new youth initiative, Fleet Complete Cycling Academy, will focus on the Greek youth and will provide some of the biggest Greek talents with the tools to further develop themselves.

“Since our inception, we have had a strong bond with Greece. For the last 5 years, our riders spent the wintertime in the region of Loutraki in order to prepare for the season. In these years we have reckoned Cycling is immensely popular there, but the infrastructure differs from what we have in Western Europe. Is great that we can start this ambitious project together with Fleet Complete and we are dedicated to helping, inspiring, developing and improving the future of young Greek cyclists”, highlights Bart van Haaren, SEG Racing Academy Manager.

The Fleet Complete Cycling Academy will start with a 2-year process of choosing the right candidates in cooperation with cycling clubs across Greece and form a team that will train, develop and eventually competing in international races.

“At Fleet Complete, we believe in innovation and people in the field of mobility in all its forms. This is why we are so proud to launch the Fleet Complete Cycling Academy in Loutraki with the hope of developing the future of professional cycling in Greece,” says Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete.

“Many young athletes show great talent in cycling, but stop their training or never manage to go to the next stage because of inability to compete in international competitions,” says Lourakis. “Unless you have the opportunity to participate in an international race, it is very difficult to assess the needs of professional cyclists. Fleet Complete Cycling Academy will provide young Greek athletes with the right professional support and the proper framework to compete internationally.”

Aspiring candidates can now apply through the academy website.