From Down Under to the Academy; Alex Evans’ journey

In February 2018, Alexander Evans showed himself to the big stage cycling fans as he powered to second behind Estaban Chaves, in the mountaintop finish at the Herald Sun Tour’s stage 3. Some months later and after a traineeship with BMC Racing Team in between, Alexander is ready to make the most of his last year as U23 with the Academy, but his first pedal strokes date back from 2005. “I started track cycling at the age of 8 and I was also racing on the road and mountain bike. At the age of 15, I turned my focus to triathlon where I raced at the elite level until age 18, and then turned my focus back to cycling”.

Step by step, the current 21-year old talent was moving up in the Australian national scene and after entering the National Road Series as an individual, he later joined AMR Renault for one season. The first breakthrough opportunity for Evans came when Mobius BridgeLane offered him a spot for his 2018 roster at Continental level.  “We were allowed the chance of racing against professionals, and that it is something that had a really positive impact on the riders’ development, and we just can be thankful about it. The team structure was really oriented to let us improve every day, plus it presented us with the interesting opportunity to get a first taste of the European style of racing. Now, I feel more than ready to take this to the next level with the Academy”. 

After many years involved in the sport, Evans points out the above-mentioned 2018 Herald Sun Tour as a moment where he saw that everything that he learned in the past years, all the lessons and sacrifices, came together for a hard-to-top experience. “When I rode with Mobius BridgeLane in the Herald Sun Tour, it goes to show what a team can achieve if we all work together. Being a first-year Continental team we did rival World Tour teams, and that felt amazing. When everyone is committed, the team can go a long way, sometimes even more than what is expected”.