Garmin is a market leader and an innovative force not only in the sports industry but also at a technological level.

Garmin joins Tacx®, which was acquired by Garmin in 2019, as a sponsor and will provide SEG Racing Academy cyclists with Edge® 530 GPS cycling computers, HRM-Pro™ heart rate straps, and Index™ S2 Smart Scales. The Garmin products will provide riders with state-of-the-art performance data and metrics, as well as GPS and navigational support. Tacx will continue to support SEG Racing Academy with powerful and intuitive NEO 2T Smart trainers, Ciro cages and team bottles.

The values that Garmin stands for are totally aligned with what the SEG Racing Academy is trying to accomplish for seven years now. By joining forces, the Academy, Garmin and Tacx will launch the SEG Performance Challenge, which will consist of several tests and rides in the Tacx Training App, which will be monitored by our Performance Staff. Once all the challenges are completed, one rider will be invited to one of our training camps, creating a chance for all U23 riders to get a shot at one of the best development programs in the peloton. More information about the challenge will follow in the next weeks.