It was another very hard day out at the Giro d’Italia U23. The sixth stage between Bonferraro di Sogrà and San Pellegrino Terme featured a total of 176 km and only one category two climb that was crested 20 km shy of the finish line. The start was again really fast, with the peloton averaging 53,5 km/h. 

It took more than 7o km for the breakaway to finally go away, and it was Marco Frigo who represented our interests upfront. They were allowed a bit more than a bit before the main group started to pick up the pace, and everything came back together with 25 km to go. Once in the climb, the number of riders in the leading group kept on dropping, with Marco Frigo and Harrison Wood being the ones carrying the Academy flag there. 

In the final descent, the main group broke into several smaller pelotons with our riders being caught in those gaps. Tomorrow we will have a short, 120 km, but really intense day featuring up to three categorized climbs including the 30 km-long Lago di Campo Moro that will host the arrival. 

Pim Ligthart, Academy Sports Director: 
“We have to be more instinctive and be there in these types of finals. Today it was a good opportunity but we missed it. There are still four days to go, so we must ensure that we step up”.