Groenendaal: “This project is special on so many levels”
Richard Groenendaal debuted as a DS for the Academy in late-April’s Tour de Bretagne, and he hit the ground running real quick as Alberto Dainese powered to a total of three wins along the 7-day course. “I think that the Academy is performing excellently race in race out, and what it is more important they are learning a lot and you can see how they put into display what they have learnt in the next race they do” points out Groenendaal. 

The former World CX Champion sees the Academy development focus as a unique way to bring riders to the next level. “This project is special on many levels. There riders from all around the globe and all of them enjoy a high-quality racing program and individualized training programs. All of them know the position they are in, so you see them working very hard and taking advantage of everything that surrounds the team. Plus each year you see riders from the Academy not only moving up but getting results real quick so that motivates the existing riders plus reinforces the strength of the project”. 

After a successful first part of the season where the Academy seized a total of 12 UCI wins, we are heading to the second half of the season ready to achieve many more goals and with an exciting calendar ahead. “Each rider has individual goals for this part of the season, as they did in the first half. But the Performance Staff balances it perfectly, so we will go into every race being able to fight for the win”.