Groves: “I’d love to take one or two stages in the Giro U23”
With 5 UCI wins under his belt, our Kaden Groves is putting in the final touches of his preparation ahead of the Giro d’Italia U23. The double stage winner in Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux and Circuit des Ardennes, as well as stage winner and first leader in Ronde de l’Isard, looks back to a solid start. ” The first part of the season has been an unreal few months. I was motivated for each race and trained really hard-targeting the races that suited me and I am relieved to have performed well enough to win some races”. 

The Australian sprinter, who is based in our team house in Girona, is looking forward to race for the first time the famous U23 version of the Corsa Rosa. “The Giro d’Italia U23 will conclude my first half of the season so I would love to take a stage win or two. This years edition of the u23 Giro is a difficult one featuring many mountain stages, on paper, it is a tour for the climbers. However, there are a handful of stages that may end in bunch sprints so these will be a goal for me”. 

With 13 wins so far this season, 11 of them in UCI categorized races, the success of the Academy does not come out of the blue. Groves takes on personal relationships and good chemistry as the main pillars to build a winning culture on. “I believe the team’s success comes from the great culture within the Academy, the friendships between us riders help us work together and truly understand how others are feeling. Next to this, the unparalleled support we receive from the staff, directors and coaches is another reflection of the results sheet of the team”.