Q&A with Harm Bronkhorst

Our Performance Coach, Harm Bronkhorst, sat down with us for a Q&A about the training adjustments for the second training camp from a performance point of view. The Dutch coach, that has been involved with the Academy for more than three years now, together with the other members of the Performance Team have come up with a tailor-made plan for each of our riders in order to maximise their potential and make a step further in their development in 2020. 

What will be the performance goals of this second camp? 
This second training camp we will be with the whole team together to do the final preparation for the season. For that reason, in this period we will focus more on details like race-specific training and also on working on the team dynamics. The main goal is to get the riders 100% ready for the first races of the year, which will already start one week after the camp.

How will differ from the previous training period?
The training intensity will be higher an a lot more specific on race demands, such as lead-out training for the sprints, shorter uphill efforts on race power output or team time trial focus training. We also will do the last INSCYD test to check out the level of performance for each rider. The volume will be less compared with the first camp in January.  

What will be the performance goal for the riders throughout the season?
This year we are facing a really important and busy start of the season. For the first time in the last seasons we will have two stage races, Olympia’s Tour and Tour the Normandie, already in March so we will have to step up our game early on. So it speaks for itself that the riders that will start there have to be already in top shape.