Sadly, we have to report that our talented climber, Harrison Wood, was involved in a accident with a car on Saturday while training in Torquay, South West of England. The 20-year old was driven to a nearby hospital and the x-ray images and blood tests discarded any fracture or any major injury. However, Wood will undergo a recovery process to heal up some internal bruising on his right leg monitored by the Academy’s medical staff, as he builds his path to be back out training soon. 

Harrison Wood:
“On Saturday, I was involved in an incident with a car. I was out on training ride and took a left turn off a road. Immediately a car then suddenly stopped in front of me resulting in me crashing into the back of it and into the rear window. I was taken to hospital and underwent blood tests and x rays. All of which came back okay. I had cuts from the glass and some internal bruising on my right leg. I’m already beginning to feel better now and with the help of the staff of the Academy, I hope to make a quick recovery and be back to training soon”