2019 was only Daan Hoole’s second year as U23, but that did not stop him to emerge as one of the most promising prospects in the category, specially when battling against the clock, as he finished all the time trials he started within the Top 10. At the moment, Hoole and all members of the Academy have transitioned into eRacing at the same time as they keep on being education off the bike by the team’s staff. 

“It’s great to have this alternative program. Racing wise, I still think we have to get the right tactics for the Zwift races because it is something new for most of us. It is short and intensive but it isn’t the same as racing like usual so we still need to get used to it a bit. I think it is good to have the right intensity because it is always an hour full gas. So it is nice to do it so we don’t forget how hard racing is and then it doesn’t take a lot of time to get used to racing again when we can race outside again.” points out the 21-year old. 

During this period, Hoole will focus on improving other sides of his cycling skills with the help and advise of the Performance Staff. “During this period we have a lot of time to train and focus on some specific details. In my case, I really try to focus on the time trial and improve my position on the bike. And because of the time we have now, we will focus again on strength training with our strength trainer Florian Smits who gives us personalized training schedules”.