Hoole is tenth in a survival day in Ronde van Groningen
The 173 km long Ronde van Groningen was the first race that our riders will tackle this weekend. Tough weather conditions were expected prior to the race, and the strong wind appeared really early in the day. Less than ten thousand meters into the race the first echelons took place, but only five kilometers later the main group broke into five. 

An 11-rider group stayed upfront and quickly opened a gap to the closest chasing group that featured a total of 10 riders including first year U23 Daan Hoole, Thymen Arensman and Edo Affini before our Italian rider was involved in the crash and lost contact with the chasing group. The time gap kept on growing as the kilometers came down. At the final end of the course the front group split and four riders stayed in front, while in the group behind Hoole kept the Academy colors represented. 

The strong wind and the quick pace made today a hard for everyone in the peloton. Only 19 rider made it to the finish the finish line, with our first year U23 rolling in tenth place showing once again his strong season start and quick adaptation to the new category. 

We will be back in racing action tomorrow in Houtse Linies. 

Daan Hoole, tenth today, shares his thoughts on the race:
“The plan for today was to be careful and try to stay in the front. Already after 10 kilometers the race the race already broke into small groups and it was hard to overcome that. I was in the second group together, but Edo (Affini) was involved in a crash and after that we lacked cooperation to cut down the gap. I feel like we had a good plan and we were all really strong but we did not executed it in the right way, so we can not be happy with that. We should use that as motivation for the coming races”.