After a strong trip to Italy in which he seized his first win of the season at the Coppa della Pace and was close to doing it all over again at the Giro d’Italia U23, Daan Hoole looks back to the experience with mixed feelings. “I am super proud and happy of how we rode and won Coppa della Pace, but at the same time, I am a bit sad that we could not get a stage win or a good GC at the Giro d’Italia U23. We fought hard and showed some good teamwork and fighting spirit” highlights Hoole.

However, Hoole now will quickly switch his focus as in two days time he will be back in action in order to defend his U23 Dutch Time Trial title, clinched in 2019. “I trained a lot on my TT bike this year. It’s my speciality and I want to keep improving on it. I have to see how I recover this next few days after the Giro but I’m looking forward to it and I’m ready. I did not feel that good at the beginning of the Giro d’Italia U23, but in the second part of the race, the good legs came back so that’s really positive for the TT”.

Due to the global pandemic, the TT race of the U23 Dutch Nationals was canceled last year, which disabled the chance for Hoole to put his title into dispute and attempt to keep it safe, but now is ready to do so in 2021. After a third-place as a first-year as U23 and an unbeatable performance in the year after that, Hoole is the main favorite going into the race. “It’s been really special to be champion and to have that beautiful jersey. Even though that I have not been able to ride many time trials with the jersey, every time that I go TT training I wear and the special feeling that you have when you wear it never gets old”.