Stan van Tricht joined the Academy last year as a trainee in order to get himself familiar with the team’s environment ahead of the 2020 season. The Belgian rider hit the ground running as he won a stage in Olympia’s Tour and fought until the very last meter for the overall victory and eventually coming home with a third place. He started the year in solid shape and won the Villers-le-Temple Kermesse. The talented 20-year old has transitioned to virtual racing alongside all his SEG eRacing Academy teammates. “For me eRacing is an important tool to do some high intensity efforts and to keep improving my performances. Although you can’t really simulate the duration of a real race, you can really push yourself to the limit in a 1-hour race. Performing well in an eRace gives the confirmation that you can keep on making progress in these times” points out van Tricht. 

The current worldwide situation regarding cycling, has allowed our riders and performance staff to focus on aspects that are not possible to work on during a full-fledged season. “I used this period already to get back on top of the power training which is more difficult to do consequently in a period with a lot of stage races. Also some training on the MTB or cyclocross bike are planned to keep some variation on the bike and it can be beneficial for my bike handling” 

The Belgian rider is making the team’s transition to eRacing and the SEG eRacing U23 Series, which debuted in late-April and will be back next week. “The high intensities you reach in these races are harder and less fun to simulate on your own during training rides. The RGT platform is a necessary addition to the Zwift type of racing because performing in RGT races requires multiple efforts of very high intensity with some moments to recover in between. The series of these moments where you go deep in the ‘red zone’ simulates very well the effort you do in the final of a classics race. Doing these races in combination with some endurance and explosive work outside should make it possible to keep on improving on the bike”