Recently, our performance partner, INSCYD, has released to the public their brand new Power Performance Decoder (PPD), the first and only tool on the market, that combines lab- and field data. This new feature within the INSCYD software will allow our Performance Team to create the most complete and accurate metabolic profile of our talents with the same accuracy of results as the highest standard laboratory testing but this time, without any infrastructure/overhead. 

“Being able to use this new software will give us an edge when it comes to data analysis. We have been involved in the development phase of the product and we are really excited to see the final form of it. With the PPD we will have a reliable and accurate 360 degree performance profile of each of our talents in the ‘Virtual Lab’ of the software. We are delighted to have a technology that will mix training and racing data to create one overall picture ” highlights Performance Manager Ioannis Tamouridis. 

In less than 90 minutes, the athlete is able to test the protocol on their own, by simply following 4 intervals, which allows the coaches to draw a complete assessment of the athlete, with a much deeper look into their unique characteristics, in less than 5 minutes through INSCYD’s software. 

“The SEG eRacing Academy invests a lot in technology and it’s very data-driven, which allows us as riders to take the next step in our training and overall development. With the addition of the PPD, and the amount of information that will provide to us, the riders, and our Performance Staff, will give us an edge when it comes to training planning and specific preparation. I’m really looking forward to using it and use all the advantages that provides” points out Harrison Wood, one of the riders that tested the feature while it was still in the making. 

For more information on how to use it you can check out and/or it’s video tutorial